Lost lots of money gambling

Lost lots of money gambling qfit casino verite blackjack

I haven't placed a bet so feeling a little better about thing's. I've mentioned before, patience isn't a virtue I possess I've just skimmed down this thread, did you get excluded from those remaining casinos?

I understand money what it's like. You will never be up enough - and when you are you will only gamble again to lose. I have a mortgage lost lots have been mmoney at selling up for off while, if I go on a dmp then I won't get another mortgage any time soon. Right now I'm thinking back to exactly what happened that day, it's something I always want to remember as I believe it will play a vital part in me hopefully never returning to this horrible addiction. I feel for you A major breakthrough with me is when I confided to someone close to me that I was a CG. But before you consider these two major changes why not gambling on a few smaller ones; getting back to llts gym for instance.

In I lost £ gambling online roulette and fobt's. .. loses seems hard at first (I lost a hell of a lot, not all my money either) but it does. I had a bad weekend in Vegas, I lost $ playing Poker, Black Jack, Slots, I've seen friends lose A LOT more than that though so I guess I've learned from. Anyway ive been sportsbetting for a year now and been doing ok but recently i won a lot of money ($1k) stupidly i got greedy and kept gambling.


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